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100X100 Icon. Please provide at least a clear headshot of your character. I can do both males and females, Sonic Styled or Anthro. I'd also be willing to draw human.

You may specify a backdrop color.
Character Sketches
Now, Just Hold on a Second! by Valociraptor
I can do Anthro, Sonic Style, and Human.

Please provide references in your request~ <3

Up to two characters per sketch. For two characters, the price is 100 points. So just request the same commission twice. <:

For Me

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I love the people who draw me stuff ;^; <3


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The Drawing Table

:bulletblue: 2014 References :bulletblue:

Girls -

Twilight the Hedgehog
Ryder Shadows (the Aardwolf)
Scream the Coyote
Silent the Golden Tiger
Psych Crasin

Guys -

Anubis Massri
Flame the Lion
Demon the Manx
Stratus the Hedgehog
Carbon the Hedgehog

:bulletred: Personal Projects :bulletred:

Comic to "Titanium" (Spooks/Eclipse)
Beautiful Comic (Spooks/Ezekiel)
Cherrybomb graffiti (Debris Nightly)
Falling for You (Spooks/Ezekiel)
Princess Mona
Redo Chao Garden (AU Group)
Hold on Tight! (AU Group)
Match Into Water (Eclipse/Spooks)
Tragic Angel
Switch Around Meme
Nicotine (Ryder/Valen)

:bulletblue:Art Trades :bulletblue:

:iconxcountingbodiesx: - Sketching
:iconwhacked-muffin: - Pending
:iconbloodtechie: - Pending

:bulletred: Commissions :bulletred:

:iconexotoxicimpulse: - Sketching 1/2


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United States
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- Valerie Nicole
- Female
- Old enough to buy porn, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.
- 5'1"
- Born in Wichita, Kansas
- Currently located in Virginia
- Agnostic Theorist
- Laid back
- Full of innuendos
- Cusses like a sailor
- Hilarious
- Future "Crazy Cat Lady"
- Hates Babies
- Not a furry (Secretly a furry)
- 3/4 Lesbian
- Forever Alone
- Self-proclaimed creeper
- Awesome
- Claims to be clever

Summery - From a small town in the middle of the united states, I'm a pretty basic person. Life consists of sitting here in front of this laptop and occasionally hanging out with a bunch of bad influences. Talk to me, I promise not to be too creepy.

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:bulletorange: I Roleplay! (Click… for more information)
:bulletred: Friends are free to have my number
:bulletwhite: Don't hesitate to ask me a question

Dessy - This person I respect and cherish more than anyone else. No words can describe how grateful I am to have her as my friend.

Mi Lovelies

My Inspirations
:iconnancher: & :iconxcountingbodiesx:

10 Things I do as An Artist

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 8:14 AM

I saw this floating around somewhere, but I'm not sure if this is the exact thing?? Who cares.

Here are some pointless fact.

1.) I admit, if I want one of my Ocs to be wearing a band shirt, I will copy and paste the shirt design onto my picture and trace it. Call it cheating, but I don't really care. xD; It's the best way I can accurately get a design right.

2.) I used to have the mentality that if I found it on photobucket or google images and it didn't link back to dA, I could use the picture as reference without giving credit. Now I only use references for ideas, but I never copy it exactly.

3.) I cannot draw in a filthy environment, unless I am in someone elses house or room.. for some reason it just sucks out my inspiration and motivation. Because of this, my room it usually godly clean. (Except for recently, because I've been spending all my time in Dessy's room.)
4.) When I'm drawing my OCs, I always draw them "naked" before giving them clothing by giving them belly buttons and detailing their chests if they are males. Sometimes if I like how it looks enough, I find an excuse to make them shirtless.

5.) I tend to pick up the styles of the people I befriend. Whether it's how they draw a certain feature on their body, or how they color. I don't do it intentionally, I just start noticing similarities.

6.) I will design characters I imagine would fit well with a cannon character, but I never make them legit.

7.) I've adopted probably over 50 different adoptables but I've only drawn three or four of them.

8.) I've had three deviantART accounts before this one. Each only lasted roughly two to three years or less and I've been on deviantART since October, 2007.

9.) Often times, even if I absolutely hate how a sketch looks, if I've been enough effort into it, I will still keep it. But I'll never look at it again.

10.) I honestly feel a sense of pride when someone tells me they've been drawing since they were little and they're still not at the level that I am. (I've only been drawing since 2008/9). But then there are those people who are younger than me by three or four years or more who blow me out of the water and my ego starts to suffer.

Extra because this is fun -

11.) I'm very proud of my art and generally I am happy with everything I draw, so I show it off every single picture I finish to my mom and Grandma. Even when I draw smut. They love every single piece and are equally just as proud, if not more so.

12.) All my inspiration comes from either lyrics or Roleplaying, but more often than not Rping is usually the cause for more.

13.) My favorite thing to draw is couples.

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Do you believe in bending your characters personality and/or nature to fit a situation or to fit with another character? 

10 deviants said No, It's pointless to develope a personality if you're just going to change it everytime it doesn't "fit".
2 deviants said Yes, if it's dentramental to the storyline.
1 deviant said *explain*





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